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Sabres Cap - $11.95

sabres hat
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Ships via USPS Priority Mail (Qty 1) in the Continental USA


Navy Blue Buffalo Sabres

  • The SABRES and the NEW LOGO are HOT right now!!!
  • WE HAVE NAVY Blue in stock, check back for others, scull caps, etc.
  • GO SABRES!!!

Hichkeeper Lock Device- $39.95

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Ships via USPS Priority Mail (Qty 1) in the Continental USA


HITCHKEEPER (Trailer Hitch Lock Device)

PATENT 6,062,583

The Hitchkeeper is a uniquely engineered Hitch Lock Device designed to provide added Safety and Security for your trailer and peace of mind for the user! Availabke in lots for resellers.

  • Introducing the most innovative hitch lock device for trailer Safety AND Security?

    The HITCHKEEPER can easily mount to any standard trailer hitch.
    The HITCHKEEPER is powder coated to ensure a beautiful long lasting finish.
    The cap is removable for ease of loading and conventional trailer ball use with some brake assist, or outsized couplers.
    The key lock mechanism is made of stainless steel parts to enhance the durability and reliability of the HITCHKEEPER.
    The HITCHKEEPER has patented built in Safety features no other hitch lock device has.
    The trailer ball and hitch lock device have a working relationship with each other.
    This relationship will not allow the trailer coupler to vertically ?
    POP OFF? the trailer ball while the trailer is in tow.
    The HITCHKEEPER is designed to allow operation of the device without putting hands or fingers in harms way.
    The rounded design of the HITCHKEEPER may spare an inattentive person from undo injury.
    The HITCHKEEPER has built in Security features no other hitch lock can compete with
    The trailer ball has a 3/8-inch hole at the bottom of the threaded shaft to accept an additional lock.
    The HITCHKEEPER can be left on the trailer when the prime mover is pulled away-It protects while your away!
    The HITCHKEEPER is a visual deterrent to any would be thief.
    The HITCHKEEPER may be the only locking device for a trailer coupler or the original locking means of the trailer coupler may be utilized in conjunction with this unit.
    The HITCHKEEPER is a durable, reliable, affordable, hitch lock device, which will enhance the safety and security of towing a trailer during all phases of tow. This device will give the operator a "PEACE OF MIND" while towing his/her expensive trailer.

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