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How It Works

Simple steps to making money!

MikesAuctions.com is easy and it's convenient.

Email us about your Item! Mail to us@MikesAuctions.com (click here)

Bring the items you would like to sell to us.

Our Customer Service Agents, who are experienced with eBay, will conduct quick online research to help estimate and evaluate the value of your items.

During this check-in process, our Customer Service Agent will work with you to include any vital information that you would like to include in your eBay auctions. After this check-in process, we place the items in our inventory and give you an invoice. Our experienced Photographers and Auctioneers will create your auctions with professional photographs and descriptions.

* We can also arrange for a Local Pick Up for large quantities of items. (These services require a fee. Please see our fees for more information.)

It's as easy as:

We do the rest:

  1. Test to ensure everything works
  2. Authenticate name-brand goods
  3. Take professional photographs
  4. Research to provide important details
  5. Write a compelling listing
  6. Choose the right eBay category
  7. Find the best time to start your auction
  8. Let you know when your auction starts
  9. Answer questions from eBay buyers
  10. Notify you when your auction is won
  11. Process payment from the buyer
  12. Pack your item carefully
  13. Ship it to the buyer
  14. Handle any returns
  15. ...and everything else it takes to sell your things on eBay!

What Sells?

Sample Items With A Hot Track Record
We accept a wide variety of items, from cameras and computers to purses and musical instruments. Items must be legal to sell on eBay, be shippable by UPS, and have a value of $50 to $75.

Auction fees:

What we charge to sell for you.

Listing Fees:

$5 per Classic Auction

Bidding begins at $9.99 with no reserve price.

Reserve Auction Fees:

$10 per Starting Price Auction (You denote a set price for bidding to begin at)

$10 per Reserve Price Auction + 1% (dependent on reserve price)

Bidding begins at $9.99 but item is not “sold” until the bidding meets a set amount (determined by you)
For items with a reserve price under $200, fee is $10

For items with a reserve price of $200 or more, fee is $10 plus 1% of the reserve price

After your item sells, there is also a commission fee based on percentage.

Commission Fees:

We take a 40% commission fee for the first $500, plus 25% from the remaining amount after $500 ($500.01 and above). You receive 60% of the final sold price.


Other Auctions:
Fees for specialized items:

Pocket Bikes / Motorcycles:

Listing Fee:

Commission Type Fee:

Sold Price ($) % Commission

Pocket Bike $45 $0.01 - $500 30%

Motorcycle $89 > $500 10%

Cars / Boats:
Listing Fee: $99 + Commission:

Sold Prices: % Comission
$0.01 - 1,000 30%
$1,000 - 10,000 10%
$10,000 - 20,000 7%
$20,000 - 30,000 6%
> $30,000 5%

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